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Inventory: Adamo-Faiden

Adamo, Sebastian
This book compiles Adamo-Faiden's inventory along with the inventions this body of work distills. Images, drawings and texts are presented in the form of diptychs, forcing the reader to establish subjective bridges between both documents.
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Urban Mix: Visualizing Movement in Eight Crossroads Around the World

Lemoine, Stephane
Urban Mix explores the devices and attitudes observable in urban crossroads of 8 major world cities. The diversity and complexity of crossings allow variable freedom of movement and define urban life, according to their cultural particularities.
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Cities & Rivers: Socioecological Public Space

Alday, Inaki
A selection of architecture, landscape and urbanism works from aldayjover architecture and landscape, an office based in Barcelona, Spain and Virginia in the United States.
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Climate Inheritance

Ghosn, Rania
Climate Inheritance is a speculative design research publication that reckons with the complexity of world and heritage in the Anthropocene. The impacts of climate change on heritage sites-from Venice flooding to extinction in the Galápagos Islands-have garnered empathetic attention in a media landscape that has otherwise failed to communicate the urgency of the climate crisis.
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Unidentified Flying Object for Contemporary Architecture: UFO's Experiments Between Political Activism and Artistic Avant-garde

Lampariello, Beatrice
The first monographic publication focused on the Florentine UFO group (1968-1978), that conducts a historical analysis of its work, reveals its close relationship with the contemporary artistic, literary and architectural avant-garde and, finally, investigates its legacy for the contemporary project.
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Foundations of Urban Design

Smets, Marcel
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The ReView: How and What for

Bardon de Tena, Andrea
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