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Life in 1950s London

Hutton M
From austerity to rock `n' roll - the story of a fascinating decade for the world's greatest city
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Kingston upon Thames in 50 Buildings

McCarthy, Julian
Explores the rich and fascinating history of the city through an examination of some of its greatest architectural treasures.
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British Bricks

Kitching, D
Explores the history of British bricks and brick makers.
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Victorian London Through Time

Manton, C
This fascinating selection of photographs and illustrations shows the many ways in which London has changed and developed since Victorian times.
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Beach Huts

Averby K
The beach hut is an integral part of the British seaside, and is no less popular now than it has ever been. This is the story of these quirky buildings.
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Arts and Crafts Tiles: Morris to Voysey

Higgins, Rob
This is the first book devoted to the tiles of the British Arts and Crafts, including tiles designed by some of the greatest names associated with the movement.
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Seaside Hotels

Averby K
The grand hotel is an icon of the British seaside. Occupying the most favoured spots on the prom, elaborate Victorian and later buildings maintain an air of refinement that harks back to an earlier age. This book tells their story.
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London Police Stations

Sanderson, Eileen
This book is a photographic snapshot of London Metropolitan Police Stations as they stand at a time of great change in the police force and society in general.
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