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Bloom and Bust: Urban Landscapes in the East since German Reunification

Cliver G et.al.
More than two decades of deconstruction, renovation, and reconstruction have left the urban environments in the former German Democratic Republic completely transformed. This volume considers the changing urban landscapes in the former East.
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Ernst L. Freud, Architect: The Case of the Modern Bourgeois Home

Freud: Welter, Volker M.
Ernst L. Freud (1892 - 1970) was a son of Sigmund Freud and the father of painter Lucian Freud and the late Sir Clement Freud, politician and broadcaster. After his studies in Munich and Vienna, where he and his friend Richard Neutra attended Adolf Loos's private Bauschule, Freud practiced in Berlin and, after 1933, in London.
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Social Im/mobilities in Africa: Ethnographic Approaches

Noret, Joel
Grounded in both theory and ethnography, this volume insists on taking social positionality seriously when accounting for Africa's current age of polarizing wealth. To this end, the notion of social im/mobilities emphasizes the complexities of current changes, taking us beyond the prism of a unidimensional social ladder.
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