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1950s Childhood: Growing up in post-war Britain

Shepherd J
Children of the 1950s have much to look back on with fondness: Muffin the Mule, Andy Pandy, and Dennis the Menace became part of the family for many, while for others the freedom of the riverbank or railway platform was a haven away from the watchful eyes of parents.
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1960s Britain

Cohen S
The 1960s was a defining decade for Great Britain. This book offers an account of life in the 1960s which explores the impact of these political and cultural trends on the ordinary people of Britain.
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A Guide to Preparing your Portfolio

Bowstead, John M.
This guide is aimed at all designers and artists already working in the visual arts field, as well as those just starting out or in art education who need to either compile or brush up their portfolio for jobs, commissions, art college or presentations. It covers everything you need to consider.
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A History of the Squares and Palaces of London

Beresford, C Edwin
The squares of London are amongst its most famous and best loved features. And the great houses of the capital are intimately bound with the story not just of London but of the great families of the land. This title offers an informative account of the history of two of London's defining features - the squares and the great houses.
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About Looking

Berger, John
The follow-up to the seminal Ways of Seeing, one of the most influential books on art
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Adolf Loos: The Art of Architecture

Loos: Masheck J
Widely regarded as one of the significant prophets of modern architecture, Adolf Loos was a celebrity in his own day. This book argues that Loos' masterful "astylistic architecture" was an appreciation of tradition and utility and not, as most architectural historians have argued, a mere repudiation of the florid style of the Vienna Secession.
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Aerial Archaeology in Britain

Riley D N
Aerial surveying is an important technique used in archaeology, offering information on large sites or features that are hidden at ground level. This book illustrates the way in which buried sites can be viewed from the air and explains how these artefacts change the appearance of the soil or vegetation, and how they can be mapped and interpreted.
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