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How Was That Built?: The Stories Behind Awesome Structures

Agrawal, Roma
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Building Britannia: A History of Britain in Twenty-Five Buildings

Parissien, Steven
The history of Britain told through the stories of twenty-five notable buildings, from the Iron Age fortification of Maiden Castle in Dorset to the Gherkin.
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Victorian Housebuilding

Wedd, Kit
The Victorian suburbs, now such a familiar element of the British townscape, were once building sites where armies of workmen converged to cover open land with streets of modest, comfortable houses. This title celebrates the work of the men who, plot by plot, translated surveyors' drawings and piles of materials into streets of dwellings.
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The Passivhaus Handbook: A practical guide to constructing and retrofitting buildings for ultra-low energy performance

Cotterell Janet
The Passivhaus Handbook is an essential guide to realizing a supremely comfortable, healthy and durable home with exceptionally low energy costs. It focuses on getting the building fabric right, to achieve ultra-low energy consumption in the most cost-effective manner. The approach is relevant to a wide range of building types and climates.
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The Grand Tour

Rendell, Mike
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The Victorian Workhouse

May T
Whether it was 'the batille', 'the spike', 'the work'us' or simply 'the house', the Victorian workhouse was the cause of dread and shame for thousands of men, women and children. This book looks at the principles that lay beind the New Poor Law of 1834, at the design and construction of workhouses, and at the lives of those who entered them.
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Art Nouveau Tiles

Lemmen H Van
Art Nouveau is characterised by its ornamental curvilinear design and use of sinuous line and vibrant colour. This book charts the impact of this style on the tile industry in Britain, showing how tiles were made and decorated. It employs photographs of tiles to examine the range of floral, animal and human subject matter found on the tiles.
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The 1950s Home

Leighton, Sophie
Introduces the homes that people fell in love with in the 1930s, and the fixtures and fittings that went in them. This book features illustrations and informative chapters on architectural styles, gardens, furnishings and technology in the home.
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The 1960s Home

Evans P
The 1960s witnessed a sustained period of economic growth, consumer spending and stable employment. This prosperity enabled a market growth in levels of owner occupation and a subsequent boom in the sale of household furnishings and luxury goods. This work looks at the styles and fashions in domestic housing and interiors between 1960 and 1970.
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