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The Cottage Garden

Way, Twigs
Hollyhocks and cabbages, roses and runner beans: the English cottage garden combines beauty and utility, pride and productivity. Gardens did not just appeal to the senses, however: they played a philosophical and moral role in society, and thus in our social history.
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How to Read Buildings: A crash course in architecture

Cragoe, Carol Davidson
A practical primer to looking at architecture and all the elements that are included in buildings, from cornices and friezes to columns and porticos - all facets of buildings are included.
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British and Commonwealth War Cemeteries

Summers J
In 1917 a remarkable organisation came into being. Its brief was vastly ambitious: to commemorate the 1,100,00 men of the British Empire who lost their lives in the First World War. This book looks at the history of the war graves for British and Commonwealth servicemen and women.
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British Cattle

Porter V
Since the 18th century British cattle breeds have spread worldwide and have made the names of several counties famous in distant lands. Some of those breeds have become extinct and many others have become so rare that they are in danger of disappearing. This book describes many of the existing breeds and those that have already gone.
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British Film Studios

Walden K Bloom-
The British film industry was already well established when Hollywood sprang to life in 1911, and has remained at the forefront of film-making ever since. This title tells the century-long story of British film, illustrating it with colourful photographs of actors, directors and production staff at work.
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Garden Cities

Rutherford S
Garden Cities: the phrase is redolent of Arts and Crafts values and nineteenth-century utopianism. But despite being the culmination of a range of influential movements, and their own influence, in fact there were only ever two true garden cities in England. This book offers a guide to the movement and to the communities which are its legacy.
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The Book of Trespass: Crossing the Lines that Divide Us

Hayes, Nick
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Restorative Cities: urban design for mental health and wellbeing

Roe, Jenny (University of Virginia, USA)
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The Sagrada Familia: Gaudi's Heaven on Earth

Gaudi: van Hensbergen, Gijs
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