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Charles Robert Cockerell in the Mediterranean - Letters and Travels, 1810-1817

Cockerell: Pearce S & Ormrod T
Charles R. Cockerell (1788-1863) was one of the most significant nineteenth-century British architects and a major player in the cultural shift from the Georgian eighteenth to the Victorian nineteenth century.
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English Medieval Church Towers - The Northern Province

Ryan, W.E. David
A beautifully illustrated guide to the medieval church towers of the Northern Province of England.
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English Medieval Shrines

Crook, John
Survey of the growth and development of the magnificent shrines which reached their apogee during the middle ages.
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Georgian Gothic - Medievalist Architecture, Furniture and Interiors, 1730-1840

Lindfield P
First full-length study of the impact of the Gothic Revival across the arts, from literature and architectural theory to houses, furniture and interiors.
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Lost Country Houses of Norfolk - History, Archaeology and Myth

Norfolk is a county sadly rich in "lost" country houses; this account and gazetteer offer a comprehensive account of them.
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Lost Country Houses of Suffolk

Roberts, W.M.
Lavishly illustrated account of forty magnificent country houses, destroyed in the last century.
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Medieval Church Window Tracery in England

Hart, Stephen
A comprehensive review of the wide and varied range of window tracery designs that emerged during the medieval period.
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Suffolk Windmills

Flint B
A full and richly illustrated history of windmills in Suffolk - a county particularly notable for them.
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Surveyors of the Fabric of Westminster Abbey, 19 - Reports and Letters

Reynolds, Christine
Reports of the surveyors of Westminster Abbey in the twentieth century provide a wealth of information on this most important building.
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