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Bristol University Press

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Estate Regeneration and Its Discontents: Public Housing, Place and Inequality in London

Watt, Paul
Using original interviews with estate residents in London, Watt provides a vivid account of estate regeneration and its impacts on marginalised communities in London, showing their experiences and perspectives. He demonstrates the dramatic impacts that regeneration and gentrification can have on socio-spatial inequality.
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Why Face-to-Face Still Matters: The Persistent Power of Cities in the Post-Pandemic Era

Reades, Jonathan (King's College London)
Why do businesses still value urban life over the suburbs or countryside? This accessible book makes the case for Face-to-Face contact, still considered crucial to many 21st century economies, and provides tools for thinking about the future of places from market towns to World Cities.
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Too Hot to Handle?: The Democratic Challenge of Climate Change

Willis, Rebecca
Through a comparative analysis of international climate polices, this book examines how we can build impactful democratic solutions to climate change and proposes practical ways forward for successfully translating the climate crisis into politics and policy.
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Whose Land Is Our Land?: The Use and Abuse of Britain's Forgotten Acres

Hetherington P
In this provocative book, journalist Peter Hetherington argues that Britain, particularly England, needs an active land policy to protect against record land price increases that threaten food security and housing provision for Britain's expanding population.
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Volume 1: Community and Society

Turner, Sarah (McGill University)
Contributions to this volume engage directly with different urban communities around the world. They give voice to those who experience poverty, discrimination and marginalisation in order to put them in the front and centre of planning, policy and political debates that make and shape cities.
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Volume 2: Housing and Home

Clavin, Alma (University College Dublin)
This book casts light on how the virus has impacted the experience of home and housing through the lens of wider urban processes around transportation, land use, planning policy, racism and inequality, and offers crucial insights for reforming cities to be more resilient to future crises.
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Volume 3: Public Space and Mobility

Leanage, Neluka
This international volume explores the transformations of public space and public transport in response to COVID-19, both those resulting from official governmental regulations and from everyday practices of urban citizens. The contributors discuss how the virus made urban inequalities clearer, and redefined public spaces in the "new normal".
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Age-Friendly Cities and Communities: A Global Perspective

Buffel, Tine
This important book provides a comprehensive survey of different strategies for developing age-friendly communities, and the extent to which older people themselves can be involved in the co-production of age-friendly policies and practices.
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