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30: 70. Architecture as a Balancing Act

Tchoban , Sergei / Wladimir Sedow
Never before have so many buildings been constructed as they are today, and never has architecture had so many technolog-ical and design possibilities at its disposal. And yet there is a sense of unease about contemporary architecture. The authors of this book show how in modern times we have lost the balance between outstanding works of architectu
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A Radical Normal: Propositions for the Architecture of the City

Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani
291,00 kr
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Aarhus: Architectural Guide

Meyer, U & Heiko Weissbach
373,00 kr
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Accessibility and Wayfinding

Meuser, Philipp
Accessible architecture is about much more than wide doorways and low-placed light switches. Accessibility means independent and self-reliant living and mobility for people of all ages and in any situation in life. Enabling this requires a clear awareness of the related concepts and principles that need to be adopted into the planning at an early s
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Africa Drawn: One Hundred Cities

White, Gary / Marguerite Pienaar /Bouwer
Africa - a continent of small villages in the jungle and savannah? Certainly not. The urbanisation of the continent is advancing rapidly, while African cities and metropolitan regions are among the fastest growing in the world. Africa Drawn presents one hundred of the most connected and important cities of the continent. A visual feast of three hun
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Alexandria: Architectural Guide

El Sayad, Zeyad
373,00 kr
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Alexey Shchusev: Architect of Stalin's Empire Style

Chmelnizki, Dmitrij
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Architectural Diagrams 2: Construction and Design Manual

Miyoung Pyo
In the last few decades, the "diagram" has evolved into a constitutive, generative medium for the architectural design process and is now an everyday term used in the context of design. The diagram represents an imaginative process that enables architects to transform typologies, figures, and models using analogue and digital design procedures. Thi
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