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Norway: Architectural Guide

Martovitskaya, Anna
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The Nuclear Dream: The Hidden World of Atomic Energy

Ludewig, Bernhard
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Contemporary Green Buildings in China

Dubrau, Christian
The German-Chinese forum Urban Academy - organised by the Goethe-Institute Shanghai - focuses on sustainable urban development as well as on the theme of the World Expo 2010: Better City - Better Life. Eco-efficiency in building services, engineering, traffic, water and energy, social transformations and cultural industry stimulated by the City of Shanghai are main issues of these discussions.
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Meuser Architekten: Buildings and Projects 1995 - 2010

Natascha Meuser, Philipp Meuser
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Modernity and Durability: Perspectives for the Culture of Design

Lampugnani, Vittorio Magnago
The orthodox concept of modernism, as it was passed on with little alteration from the 1920s to the post-war era, has been in a state of crisis for some time. This is especially clear to see in the fields of architecture and urban design. Meanwhile, neither postmodernism nor deconstructivism has proven to be a convincing alternative. In this book,
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Urban Ruins: Memorial Value and Contemporary Role

Pilia, Elisa
This monograph discusses the role that ruins play in urban centers in terms of their meaning, testimony, and value, and the opportunities they provide. After an outline of historical and contemporary approaches, with a special analysis of British and Italian approaches, the author puts forward a methodology for the investigation of the strategic values of such artifacts.
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Urban Activism in Eastern Europe and Eurasia: Strategies and Practices

Neugebauer, Carola
With the rise of grassroots initiatives in urban spaces across Eastern Europe and Eurasia in recent decades, Urban Activism in Eurasia addresses three central questions: What are distinctive features and the dynamic of urban activism in contemporary post-Soviet cities? How urban civic engagement does evolve on a micro level and in larger-scale processes? How a variety of group and individuals who claim to the city space and its development find their own ways to initiate local urban change.
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Day-VII Architecture: A Catalogue of Polish Churches Post 1945

Cichonska, Izabela
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