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De Gruyter

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best of Detail: Einfamilienhauser/Single-Family Homes

Detail: Schittich C
Features theoretical articles and a comprehensive section containing examples of projects which provide unique insights into the various applications of wood, concrete or masonry in a range of passive houses, bungalows, double- and semi-detached houses, and villas with swimming pools, from the simple to the luxurious.
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The Emperor's House: Palaces from Augustus to the Age of Absolutism

Featherstone M ed et.al
Intended for specialists and students of Architecture, Art History and History, this volume contains papers on functional and ideological aspects of palace architecture, art and ceremonial in the Roman imperial tradition in its broadest geographical and chronological limits, from the Principate through Late Antiquity, Byzantium, and more.
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New Laboratories: Historical and Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Developments

Klonk C
New laboratory buildings are being planned all around the world. Are they different from or even better than their predecessors? The authors journey into the past and present of laboratory architecture and reveal a variety of approaches with regard to both the functional relation of spaces and the symbolic value of the facade.
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Drawing A Hypothesis: Figures of Thought

Gansterer, Nikolaus
Based on his artistic practice, Nikolaus Gansterer reveals drawing as a core medium of research, which enables the emergence of new narratives by tracing the speculative and performative potential of diagrams.
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Science in Color: Visualizing Achromatic Knowledge

Bock von Wulfingen, Bettina
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Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Guide to his buildings

Schinkel K
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schlaich bergermann und partner

Schlaich Bergermann and Partner: Schitti
Shows the interdisciplinary construction between continuity and innovation.
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Architektur auf den zweiten Blick / Architecture and the Test of Time

Schittich : Keiko Arima et al
A title, in which, pioneering projects over five decades are reconsidered.
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