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Archifutures 4: Thresholds

beyond, &
This is the fourth volume in the important ARCHIFUTURES series. THRESHOLDS offers a series of articles by eminent architects, brought together to examine and investigate how architecture, traditionally considered to be a future-orientated activity, can respond when the future may already be here.
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Archifutures 5: Apocalypse - A Field Guide to Surviving the Future of Architecture

Kafka, George
We live in challenging times. There is overwhelming evidence that massive change is required in order to survive impending environmental collapse. Yet this fifth volume in the Archifutures series takes the position that the "apocalypse" is not an imminent event, but an insidious process that is already happening.
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Drone: Unmanned.: Architecture and Security Series

Pohl, Ethel Baraona
Drone brings together researchers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds whose work seeks to understand and represent the nature and extent of drone operations. The book investigates the relationship between drone technology, cultural production, and forms of surveillance and violence.
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Explorations in Urban Practice: Urban School Ruhr Series

Assmann, Katja
Explorations in Urban Practice is the first volume in the Urban School Ruhr Series. It draws from and reflects upon USR`s experiences to date, whilst also looking to the future of urban practice in contemporary cities.
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Thermal Garden

Dpr Barcelona
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