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Edition Axel Menges

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Le Corbusier, Unite d'habitation, Marseille: Opus 65

Corbusier: Janson, A. Krohn C
If there is one building by Le Corbusier that represents a synthesis of his basic concepts it is certainly the Unite d'habitation built in Marseille. The story of the response to it has been recorded in order to investigate why this extremely ambitious project in particular should have caused such a conflict between intention and effect.
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Carlo Scarpa, Castelvecchio, Verona: Museo di Castelvecchio, Verona

Scarpa C
The Castelvecchio in Verona is the most perfectly resolved of Scarpa's works and today remain "outrageously" well pre-served. It is therefore unsurprising that a photographer-artist such as Richard Bryant should have been attracted by teh extraordinary compositional, spatial and luminous harmony of Castelvecchio.
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Traditional Domestic Architecture of the Arab Region

Ragette, Friedrich ~~~
For the first time the domestic architecture of the whole Arab region is being considered. An extensive analytical part is supported by a collection of more than 200 examples from thirteen countries.
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Jan Kaplicky: For the Future and For Beauty

Kaplicky: Margolius, I
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Castles of the Weser Renaissance

Bischoff, M. & Ibbeken, H. ~~~
In the area along the Weser, there was a great deal of building activity between the Reformation and the Thirty Years War which was helped along by economic prosperity. This title offers a representative selection of the region's castles and palaces, dealing with both princely residences and seats of the nobility.
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Modern Architecture in Berlin: 466 Examples from 1900 to the Present Day

Rave, Rolf ~~~
Focuses on Berlin's last one hundred years when, generation by generation, Berlin daringly and almost obsessively rediscovered itself architecturally. This book includes selected examples that convey a visually impressive and representative longitudinal progression. It presents 466 architectural works built since 1907.
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Parks and Gardens in Greater Paris

Stewart, Jacqueline W.
For over 350 years Parisians have designed and preserved phenomenal public outdoor spaces. This book follows the fine-spun threads of the parklands tapestry in greater Paris.
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