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Edition Axel Menges

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Le Corbusier, Unite d'habitation, Marseille: Opus 65

Corbusier: Janson, A. Krohn C
If there is one building by Le Corbusier that represents a synthesis of his basic concepts it is certainly the Unite d'habitation built in Marseille. The story of the response to it has been recorded in order to investigate why this extremely ambitious project in particular should have caused such a conflict between intention and effect.
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Rang W
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Innovative Apartment Buildings: New Directions in Sustainable Design

Friedman A
This book is primarily addressed to architects as social change requires them to be innovative in their responses. The buildings shown in this book represent a momentary situation and demonstrate at the same time that the design and constructionof apartment buildings will evolve and endure.
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Sustainability in Scandinavia: Architectural Design and Planning

Malkawi, Ali
Scarcity of resources, extreme weather, and their respective sociopolitical movements impelled the three nations of Scandinavia Denmark, Sweden and Norway to conserve and sustain resources. The intention of the book is to bring lessons learned in Scandinavia to the forefront and to present the best examples of sustainable architecture including housing, offices, and cultural buildings.
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New Military Museums

Zukowsky, John
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Architecture as Embodiment of Function in Form

Brandle, Kurt
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