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British Architects and Craftsmen: Taste, Design and Style 1600 to 1830

Sitwell, Sacheverell
'The genius of English architecture is the glory of England, second only to the printed word.'Thus Sacheverell Sitwell (younger brother of Edith and Osbert Sitwell) concludes British Architects and Craftsmen, an absorbing survey of taste, design, and style from 1600 to 1830, first published to great critical acclaim in 1945.
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Cities for a Small Country

Rogers Richard
Britain is abandoning its cities and sprawling over green fields. Is there an alternative? After two years' work for the Urban Task Force, architect Richard Rogers and Professor Anne Power set out the problems of cities and propose radical solutions.
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Macfarlane, Robert; Richards, Dan
Holloway - a hollow way, a sunken path. In July 2005, Robert Macfarlane and Roger Deakin - author of Wildwood - travelled to explore the holloways of South Dorset's sandstone. Six years later, after Roger Deakin's early death, Robert Macfarlane returned to the holloway with the artist Stanley Donwood and writer Dan Richards.
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The Black Album

Kureishi, Hanif
Shahid is a clean-cut student, trying to make an impression on his college lecturer, Deedee Osgood, who gives his spirits a lift when she takes him to a naked rave party.
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The Faber Book of Utopias

Carey, John (ed)
An experienced and imaginative anthologist, editor of The Faber Book of Reportage and The Faber Book of Science, Carey has gathered together a vast range of texts from Ancient Egypt to modern California, the authors of which, in different ways, attempt to describe a better world than our own.
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The Idea of a Town: The Anthropology of Urban Form in Rome, Italy and the Ancient World

Rykwert J
The basic institutions of the town, its walls and gates, its central shrines and its forum are all of them part of a pattern to which the rituals and the myths that accompanied them provide clues.
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The Other Paris: An illustrated journey through a city's poor and Bohemian past

Sante, Luc
Paris, the City of Light, the city of fine dining, seductive couture and intellectual hauteur, was until fairly recently always accompanied by its shadow: the city of the poor, the outcast, the criminal, the eccentric, the wilfully nonconforming.
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The Pinecone

Losh: Uglow J
In the village of Wreay, near Carlisle, stands the strangest and most magical church in Victorian England. The church is a dramatic rendering of the power of myth and the great natural cycles of life and death and rebirth. Sarah's story is also that of her radical family - friends of Wordsworth and Coleridge;
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