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Eco Design Outside: Green Outside the House

Perez L F
A practical guide to outdoor features and landscaping for the green 'eco' home, featuring dozens of photographs of cutting-edge designs in real-life contexts, with informative captions, plans and schematics.
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Public Toilet Design: From Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Civic Buildings and Businesses Worldwide

Zamora, Francesc
For architects, designers and builders, a selection of 130 diverse public toilet designs which enjoyed special status as vehicles for artistic and cultural expression, corporate values and the needs of different social groups.
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1000 Details in Landscape Architecture: A Selection of the World's Most Interesting Landscaping Elements

Mola, F Zamora-
An invaluable handbook of contemporary design concepts in landscape architecture from around the world and the aesthetic and technical information behind each design.
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202 Outstanding City House Ideas

Gutierrez M
A handsome and practical source of inspiration for designing, building or remodelling a dream city home, showcasing modern examples from every continent.
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1000 Architectural Details: A Selection of the World's Most Interesting Building Elements

Vidiella, A Sanchez
Reference catalogue to the structural features of the modern building - facades, roofs, stairs and ramps, finishings, glass, lighting - illustrated by detailed colour photographs.
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Sheds: The Do-It-Yourself Guide for Backyard Builders

Stiles, David
The fourth edition of the classic DIY guide for backyard builders includes 23 shed designs to suit all needs and tastes, including many for specialised gardens.
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The Real Wood Bible: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Choosing and Using 100 Decorative Woods

Gibbs N
Practical and inspiring, this the complete full-colour illustrated A-Z guide to choosing and using the world's most decorative woods for anyone who works with wood - crafters, carpenters and interior designers.
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Under Ground: Subways and Metros of the World

Zerdoun, C
A visual tour of the world's most fascinating underground city railways showcasing their architecture, art and history and the trains that run on them.
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1000 Tips by 100 Eco Architects

Serrats , M
The process of executing an architectural plan for a building or a landscape can be disastrous for the environment. This book offers examples of trendsetting sustainable architecture from the world's leading eco-architecture firms which mitigate such negative impacts.
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