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Harvard University Press

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Airport Landscape - Urban Ecologies in the Aerial Age

Dumpelmann S & Waldheim
Material gathered from an exhibition at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.
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Raymond A
A history of Cairo, from its beginnings in the Arab conquest of Egypt in 640 to a modern capital. This book examines the invasions, changes and conflicts which shaped Cairo's destiny as well as the rulers, religious leaders, artisans and merchants who characterized the city.
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City on a Hill: Urban Idealism in America from the Puritans to the Present

Krieger, Alex
From the pilgrims to Las Vegas, hippie communes to the smart city, utopianism has shaped American landscapes. The Puritan small town was the New Jerusalem. Thomas Jefferson dreamed of rational farm grids. Reformers tackled slums through crusades of civic architecture. To understand American space, Alex Krieger looks to the drama of utopian ideals.
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Deepwater Horizon: A Systems Analysis of the Macondo Disaster

Boebert E et.al.
In 2010 BP's Deepwater Horizon catastrophe spiraled into the worst human-made economic and ecological disaster in Gulf Coast history. In the most comprehensive account to date, senior systems engineers Earl Boebert and James Blossom show how corporate and engineering decisions, each one individually innocuous, interacted to create the disaster.
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Healthy Buildings: How Indoor Spaces Drive Performance and Productivity

Allen, Dr. Joseph G.
A healthy building does more than conserve resources: it improves the health and productivity of the people inside. Joseph Allen and John Macomber look at everything from the air we breathe to the water we drink to how light, sound, and materials impact our performance and wellbeing and drive business profit.
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Home in America: On Loss and Retrieval

Dumm, Thomas
Americans encounter their homes in ways comforting and haunting: as an imagined refuge or a place of mastery and domination, a destination or a place to escape. Drawing on literature, personal experience, and the histories of slavery, incarceration, and homesteading, Thomas Dumm offers a meditation on the richness and poverty of the idea of home.
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London Fog: The Biography

Corton C
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