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Grun: Gunter Grzimek: Planning, Design. Program

Keller, Regine
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The Reconstruction of Berlin Palace: Facade, Architecture and Sculpture

Schloss, Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berl
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Herman Hertzberger (Bilingual edition): Strukturalismus / Structuralism

Hertzberger's structuralism pictured in breathtaking black and white photographs
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Facades: Roland Fischer - Photography

Gilroy-Hirtz, Petre (Ed.)
Features photographic pictures of architectural structures and historical references. This book features a vocabulary of global architecture and an inventory of city landmarks.
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Living Complex: From Zombie City to the New Communal

Maak N
Where does the dream of the detached house come from? Which ideal form of living are we taught by children's books, lifestyle magazines and DIY shops? Who benefits from us living the way we live? This work shows how the interests of the construction industry, overextended policies mired in regulations and more.
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Rust Red: Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord

Latz, Peter
In the 1990s the landscape architect Peter Latz and his team designed and executed a park that transcended all fashions and trends. This volume provides insights into twelve years of planning and realisation through photographs, sketches, plans and explanations, and reveals to the reader a fascinating world in the footsteps of industry.
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Networks of Construction

Shukhov: Nozhova, Ekaterina
The works of Vladimir G Shukhov have been a topic of academic discourse in the West since the 1990s. Shukhov is now regarded as a pioneer of lightweight construction and as one of the leading proponents of Russian industrial design. This book deals with this topic.
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