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Architects on Architects

Fink, Dietrich
291,00 kr
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Bauhaus Dessau Architecture

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
349,00 kr
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CARLO SCARPA: La Tomba Brion San Vito D'Altivole

Scarpa: Koetzle H
Seven years after the completion of the "Tomba Brion", the famous Munich photographer of architecture Klaus Kinold had the opportunity to examine this remarkable tomb in photographs. His carefully considered pictures in black and white or subtle colours describe an other - worldly place which translates our ideas of growth and decay in an expansively constructed symbolism.
373,00 kr
excluding shipping

Eurotopians: Fragments of a different future

Maak N & Diehl J
How do we want to live? How shall we build? Where can we find ideas for the houses and cities of the future? Niklas Maak and Johanna Diehl focus their attention on these highly topical questions in their joint project "Eurotopians". In times of change this volume casts its backward gaze on the work of European utopians in order to find visions for the present.
373,00 kr
excluding shipping

Facades: Roland Fischer - Photography

Gilroy-Hirtz, Petre (Ed.)
Features photographic pictures of architectural structures and historical references. This book features a vocabulary of global architecture and an inventory of city landmarks.
373,00 kr
excluding shipping

Form and Light: From Bauhaus to Tel Aviv

Gawze, Yigal
465,00 kr
excluding shipping