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New Museums: Intentions, Expectations, Challenges

Greub S
The past decade of both economic crises in Europe and North America as well as an extraordinary museum boom in many Asian countries has led to new questions and concepts for future museum buildings. This book investigates this paradigm change by presenting 20 recent and future museum projects on all continents.
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Oskar von Miller Forum: Building for the Future

Herzog + Partner
After many years of planning, a visionary and attention grabbing building has taken shape in Munich in the form of the Oskar von Miller Forum. This book focuses on this forum.
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Eurotopians: Fragments of a different future

Maak N & Diehl J
How do we want to live? How shall we build? Where can we find ideas for the houses and cities of the future? Niklas Maak and Johanna Diehl focus their attention on these highly topical questions in their joint project "Eurotopians". In times of change this volume casts its backward gaze on the work of European utopians in order to find visions for the present.
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Tom Jacobi: Into the Light

Jacobi, Tom
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Energy Overlays: Land Art Generator Initiative

Ferry, Robert
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