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Historic England

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Alison and Peter Smithson

Crinson, Mark
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Arup Associates

Arup: Powell, K
Arup Associates, a major presence on the British architectural scene for more than half a century, emerged from the famous engineering consultancy founded by Ove Arup in 1946 and reflected Arup's own vision of "total design", formed in the 1930s in his groundbreaking collaborations with Berthold Lubetkin.
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Boston, Lincolnshire: Historic North Sea port and market town

Minnis J & Carmichael K
Examines the history of Boston in Lincolnshire as reflected in its buildings and townscape from medieval times to the present day.
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Frederick Gibberd

Gibberd: Manley, Christine
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Howell Killick Partridge and Amis

Howell: Franklin, G
Launched into practice with a maverick design for Churchill College, Cambridge, their output ranged from additions to Oxford and Cambridge colleges to theatres, houses and government buildings.Deriving a distinctive design language from revealed structure and highly modelled surfaces, HKPA developed a rich, allusive and extrovert architecture.
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England's Schools: History, architecture and adaptation

Elain Harwood
Raises awareness of the wide range of school buildings built in England from the Reformation to the Millennium. Summarises the development of schools and looks at the adaptation of older schools to modern needs and new uses for schools around the country
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Blackpool's Seaside Heritage

Brodie A
The book will examine the colourful past of the resort and explain how it has developed over the last 200 years.
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