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Historic England

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Blackpool's Seaside Heritage

Brodie A
The book will examine the colourful past of the resort and explain how it has developed over the last 200 years.
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Neo-Georgian Architecture 1880-1970: A reappraisal

Holder J & Mckeller E
This book investigates how, where, when and why the Neo-Georgian has been represented over the course of the last century and assesses its impact as a broader cultural phenomenon.
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The English Railway Station

Parissien S
An introduction to the architectural development, the social significance and, in the last century, the dramatic fall and rise of the English railway station.
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Prefabs: A social and architectural history

Blanchett E & Zhuravlyova S
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Timber Decay in Buildings and its Treatment

Ridout, Brian
Pesticides may be used in a `safe manner' and this is the province of the remedial company, but legislation is continuously evolving and pesticides are becoming increasingly unpopular. The second option is to take a little time and to consider the problem.
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Weston-super-Mare: The town and its seaside heritage

Brodie, Allan
Two centuries ago Weston-super-Mare was a small, rarely visited village but its location alongside the Severn Estuary soon made it a convenient bathing place for the wealthy inhabitants of Bristol and Bath.
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