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Historic England

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Technology in the Country House

Palmer M
This book brings together many years of research on the introduction of domestic technologies into country houses and their estates.
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Georgian and Regency Conservatories: History, design and conservation

Thompson, Melissa
Drawing on contemporary architects' plans, horticultural publications, diaries and memoirs, this book shows how and why conservatories emerged in the form they did, and explores what they were like inside and how they were used by their owners. The second part of the book focuses on how various elements of conservatories may be conserved.
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Liverpool's Musical Landscapes

Cohen S
Liverpool has gained a national and international reputation for popular music, most recently recognised in its designation as a UNESCO City of Music.
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The Town House in Medieval and Early Modern Bristol

Leech R
An examination of the urban development of Bristol - a town which for much of its history was second only to London in size and importance. This study uses documentary and physical evidence to reconstruct the fabric of a city and the social character of its different parts.
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Support for the Fleet: Architecture and engineering of the Royal Navy's bases 1700-1914

Coad, Jonathan
This major new book traces the architectural and engineering works in the Royal Navy's shore bases at home and overseas and the politics and technologies that shaped them. Copiously illustrated with maps, plans and photographs, this important and lively work will appeal to naval historians, industrial archaeologists and students of British history.
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St Paul's Cathedral Before Wren

Schofield, John
This is the first ever comprehensive account of the archaeology and history of the cathedral and its churchyard from Roman times up to the construction of the Wren building. The cathedrals which preceded that of Wren come to the surface again, and we can appreciate the cultural and religious importance of St Paul's over more than 1000 years.
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Played in London: Charting the heritage of a city at play

Inglis, Simon
From its first century Roman amphitheatre to the 21st century Olympic Stadium at Stratford, London has always been a city of spectacles and sporting fever. Profusely illustrated with detailed maps and in-depth research, Played in London is the most ambitious offering yet from the acclaimed Played in Britain series. Capital sport guaranteed.
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The British Olympics: Britain's Olympic Heritage 1612-2012

Polley, Martin
Britain's fascination with all things Olympian has played a pivotal role in shaping the Games as we know them today. The British Olympics is a vital and entertaining source for anyone with an interest in the Games, in sport, and in Britain's social and cultural heritage.
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