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Historic England

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Textile Mills of South West England

Williams M
This book provides a wide-reaching analysis of historical context, an account of the origins and development of each of the industries, an interpretation of the distinctive features of the buildings, a clarification of the historical importance of South West textile mills and clear statements on the benefits of their conservation.
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Paddington Station: Its history and architecture

Brindle, Steven
Paddington Station in London is one of Britain's most splendid and historically significant railway termini, and one of the masterpieces of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. This second edition is richly illustrated from a wealth of historic sources, in a larger format, and has been updated to include a series of momentous recent developments at Paddington.
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Chapels of England: Buildings of Protestant Nonconformity

Wakeling C
A chronological history of Nonconformist architecture from the 17th century to the present day.
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The Architecture of Sharpe, Paley and Austin

Sharpe: Brandwood, Geoff
Sharpe, Paley and Austin was one of England's greatest Victorian architectural practices. The book is richly illustrated and explores not only the firm's buildings but also a fascinating web of family and professional interconnections. This will appeal to architectural historians, students of the architecture and social historians.
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Ditherington Mill and the Industrial Revolution

Giles C & Williams M
A detailed examination of the world's first iron framed building which illuminates many critical aspects of economic, social and technological history during the Industrial Revolution.
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The Hoo Peninsula Landscape

Newsome S et.al.
The book examines the historic environment of the Hoo Peninsula landscape and describes how changing patterns of land use and maritime activity over time have given this landscape and seascape its distinctive character.
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Victorian Turkish Baths

Shifrin, M
The first book to reveal the hidden history and explore the architecture, technology and sociology of the Victorian Turkish Bath in the British Isles and beyond. With almost 500 illustrations, a full bibliography, and an illustrated glossary, the book examines all aspects of the baths.
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The Country House: Material culture and consumption

Hann A & Stobart J
This book presents a series of conference papers which explore the material culture of the country house and its presentation to the public.
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