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Historic England

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The Great Barn of 1425-7 at Harmondsworth, Middlesex

Impey E
An exhaustive study of a unique and very special building and its past
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The English Landscape Garden: A survey

Symes, Michael
The 18th-century phenomenon of the English Landscape Garden was so widespread that even today, when so much has been built over or otherwise changed, one is never far from an example throughout England.
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Operation Diver: Guns, V1 Flying Bombs and Landscapes of Defence, 1944-45

Dobinson, Colin
The battle was Anti-Aircraft Command's attempt to defeat the V1 flying-bomb, the first of Nazi Germany's `retribution' weapons, whose attacks dominated the home front in the final year of the Second World War. Beginning in the week of D-Day, the flying bomb battle lasted for nine months.
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A History of England in 100 Places: Irreplaceable

Wilkinson, Philip
100 places, buildings and historical sites that tell the remarkable story of England and its impact on the world.
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