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Boston and Beyond: CBT Architects

Childs, Bertman & Tseckares: CBT Archite
Monograph on one of Boston's leading architecture firms who focus on redevelopment and rejuvenation.
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The Modern Kitchen Garden: Design. Ideas. Practical Tips

McCulloch J
A range of kitchen designs, from classical to modern, with lists of suitable plants for kitchen gardens.
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Eat Live Work - CCS Architecture: Monograph

CCS Architecture; Smith, Cass Calder:
A monograph on the work of CCS Architects, who specialise in buildings and interiors where we eat, live and work.
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A Tasarim Mimarlik: The Architecture of Ali Osman OEzturk

Ozturk, Ali Osman
A monograph devoted to one of Turkey's leading architects.
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Pools: Design and Form with Water

Tres M
This book showcases spectacular images of a wide range of pool designs, from natural or rustic to contemporary designer pools, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, as well as illuminated designs and other modern features. Pools features strong context and planning, site plans, materials and furniture.
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Green Walls in High-Rise Buildings

Wood A , Bahrami, Payam
This technical guide offers an extensive overview of the use of vertical vegetation in high-rise buildings, an in-depth analysis of green walls, definitions and typology, including standards, policies and incentives. It features comprehensive case studies, along with architectural theories of the public and private benefits of green walls.
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DDG: Select + Current Works - Compact Ed'n

Development Design Group DDG
A selection of projects from DDG, Development Design Group, for whom sustainable design practices are fundamental.
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Contemporary Houses in the Philippines

Powell, Robert
Featuring 25 newly built houses, this book traces the remarkable surge in the number of sophisticated and elegantly designed homes in the Philippines. All the architects and designers featured are Filipino, many representing an emerging energetic younger generation of architects and interior designers in the country.
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