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Taesun Hong: YKH Associates

Taesun Hong: YKH Associates
This stunning monograph focuses on the work of master architect Taesun Hong, a gifted architect and musician, and provides an amazing collection of architectural compositions that allow the viewer to enter the world of architecture, music, and art.
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Architects' Studios: Creative Working Spaces

The Images Publishing Group
Beautifully illustrated throughout in full-colour, Architects' Studios: Creative Working Spaces provides an intimate and informative glimpse into the stunning architecture and design of 35 architects' studios from around the globe.
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David M. Schwarz Architects: 1976-2020

Williams, Craig P
This beautifully presented monograph features the outstanding architectural and planning design work of Washington D.C.-based David M. Schwarz Architects, a firm with a significant focus on how buildings relate and contribute to their surroundings.
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Winter Homes: Cozy Living in Style

Wall, Jeanette
Winter Homes is a beautiful compilation of residences from around the world, with a focus on interiors and building designs especially for cold climates and maximizing warmth and coziness in wintery conditions.
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Scenic Architecture Office: Selected Works

Xiaofeng, Zhu
This collection reveals the fascinating ideas of Scenic Architecture Office - one of famous architecture offices in China.
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American Equestrian Design: Barns Farms, and Stables by Blackburn Architects

Blackburn, John A.
This lavishly illustrated monograph is a celebration of the history of specialist architecture firm Blackburn Architects, offering a beautiful showcase of some of the most jaw-dropping designs of horse stables and barns.
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IDIN Architects: Integrating Design Into Nature

The Images Publishing Group
Explore the characterising designs of Bangkok-based IDIN Architects through architecture that blends urban forms with nature, bringing to life the essence of IDIN that is "Integrating Design Into Nature."
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Architecture China: 2020 Building with Nature: Architecture China Award

Xiangning, Li
A catalogue of one of the most prestigious architectural awards in China, focussing on cutting-edge architectural designs.
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