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Architecture Asia: Cultural Identity and Social Responsibility

Architects Regional Council Asia
This issue features three essays and eleven projects that discuss how cultural identity and social responsibility can be embodied within architecture and space design.
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Architecture Asia: Globalization and Locality

Architects Regional Council Asia
Architecture Asia, as the official journal of the Architects Regional Council Asia, aims to provide a forum, not only for presenting Asian phenomena and their characteristics to the world, but also for understanding diversity and multiculturalism within Asia from a global perspective.
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100 Houses: Nature and Nurture

Images Publishing
This superb volume is a captivating and inspiring close-up of 100 houses that combine inspirational, creative and sophisticated design within the art of nature and the urban realm.
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Imagining: The Choreography of Land Architecture

BCHO Partners
This beautifully illustrated monograph details the designs and unbuilt works of renowned Korean architect firm BCHO Partners and explores the firm's focus on architecture with simple structures and a strong regard for the natural environment.
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Classic Kitchens for Modern Living

Sarah Blank Design Studio
A close-up look at the elegance and craftmanship of Sarah Blank Design Studio's contemporary classicist designs.
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Winter Homes: Cozy Living in Style

Wall, Jeanette
Winter Homes is a beautiful compilation of residences from around the world, with a focus on interiors and building designs especially for cold climates and maximizing warmth and coziness in wintery conditions.
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Artists' Homes: Designing Spaces for Living a Creative Life

Brunn, Dan
Artists' Homes examines the residences of a select group of artists from around the world, revealing how their homes are transformed to create spaces where they can continue working on living a more creative life.
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Shaping Changes: gad * line+ studio

gad * line+ studio
The book presents the works of gad * line+ studio, to illustrate how architecture could be a social force in shaping changes.
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