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Digital Architecture in Contemporary China

Weiguo, ,Xu
Comprising a detailed study of more than 30 projects, Digital Architecture in China provides a comprehensive overview of how digital architecture is used in design development.
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HomeWork: New Houses | Changed Houses | Not Houses

McInturff, Mark
A delightful and beautifully illustrated monograph on the homes and winning designs of McInturff Architects, who take the reader on journey through each space.
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Kengo Kuma: Topography

Kuma, K.
A luminary in the field of international contemporary architecture, this highly anticipated monograph of Kenzo Kuma's work chronicles close to forty key works from around the globe.
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Brick Stone Metal Wood: Building on Tradition

Fernandez, Carlos Garcia
Building on Tradition offers a compelling illustrative journey, using a wide range of examples from across the world, of what can be achieved by using traditional materials in conjunction with modern materials to create a contemporary and modern structure.
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Industrial Heritage Protection and Redevelopment

Louw, Michael
World-wide case-study selection showcases industrial building transformations in different cultures.
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Valode & Pistre: Complete Works: 1980 to Present

Valode & Pistre
Celebrating 40 years of brilliant architectural work, this lavishly presented monograph on Valode & Pistre examines a practice that actively seeks out links between their projects and science, ethnology, art, sociology, or history.
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Centerbrook 4

Centerbrook. Dixon, J
Showcases key projects from the four current partners - Jeff Riley, Chad Floyd, Mark Simon and Jim Childress - and works from other principal architects at Centerbrook.
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Architectural Details Sketchbook Volume 1: The Virtues of Divine

Examples of architectural detailed studies from across the United States, United Kingdom, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, with full colour images, illustrations, sketches and conceptual pattern studies, the origins of a wide variety of architectural styles are revealed.
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