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Vegetarian Architecture: Case Studies on Building and Nature

Guarneri, Andrea Bocco
This book showcases buildings based on simple technology, good craftsmanship, and the careful choice of local and natural materials, as well as local development initiatives which demonstrate excellence in building quality, landscape restoration, and community revitalisation.
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A History of Thresholds: Life, Death and Rebirth

Sensual City Studio
A call for the concept of Thresholds to be reconsidered in modern architecture.
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Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin: Refurbishment of an Architectural Icon

Maibohm, Arne
The Neue Nationalgalerie on the Berlin Kulturforum is an architectural icon as well as the crowning conclusion of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's life work.
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Interstitial Hong Kong: Exploring the Miniature Open Spaces of High-Density Urbanism

Enmeshed in Hong Kong’s densely woven urban fabric, wedged between its towering mixed-use complexes and perched along its steep hillsides, sits a network of more than 500 miniature public parks comprising the smallest unit of the city’s public open space network. Though plentiful, these so-called Sitting-out Areas – referred to locally as ???? (literally: a “three-cornered shit pit”) – have never been considered in terms of the collective resource they have the potential to be.
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Roofscape Design: Regenerating the City upon the City

Ambrosini G
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Max Dudler: Geschichte weiterbauen / Building on History

Dudler: Bonte, A
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