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speech: 14 for Kids

Tchoban, Sergei & Sergey Kuznetsov &Mart
The 14th issue of speech: focuses on architecture for the younger generation.
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Post-pandemic Urbanism

Kleilein, Doris
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Bauhaus Dessau: Architektur - Gestaltung - Idee

Gropius: Baumann, Kirsten
The Bauhaus Dessau, designed by Walter Gropius, was home to the Bauhaus Dessau School of Design from 1925 to 1932.
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Precisions: Architektur zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst Architecture between Sciences and the Arts

Moravanszky, Akos
Where is the place of architecture? Closer to the arts or to the sciences? And has there been a shift of this position over the past years due to technological evolution? Well-known authors explore the subject from different angles: from digital design strategies in lightweight construction to filigree architectural projects.
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Colour Spaces

Tebbe, Friederike
How consciously do we experience colour, light and space? How do colours influence our perception, change the effect of something built and thereby shift the relations of space and our judgement? The author examines the manifestations of colour, its perception, and interpretation in relation to her own architecture and also in other contexts.
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Otto Zitko: Die Konstruktion der Geste

Wurzer, Ingeburg et al
Labyrinthine, whirling lines surround the viewer from all sides - Otto Zitko's pictures explode every frame. The Austrian artist examines the interrelations of drawing and space, of graphic expression and constructed architecture in large-format, space-consuming wall drawings and paintings.
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Energizing Architecture: Design und Photovoltaik

Lüling (Ed.) , C
In the face of diminishing resources, the importance of photovoltaics for energy production is increasing. Suitable for planners and architects, this book outlines the huge variety of design in photovoltaic modules, using realised buildings as examples.
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