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Roofscape Design: Regenerating the City upon the City

Ambrosini G
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Mobility Design: Shaping Future Mobility Volume 1: Practice

Eckart E & Voeckler, Kai
Climate change and increasing resource scarcity together with rising traffic volumes force us to develop new environmentally friendly and people-oriented mobility options. In order to provide a positive mobility experience, the transition from one mobility mode to another must be managed smoothly and safely, and individual, shared or public means of transportation must become convenient and easy.
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Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin: Refurbishment of an Architectural Icon

Maibohm, Arne
The Neue Nationalgalerie on the Berlin Kulturforum is an architectural icon as well as the crowning conclusion of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's life work.
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Interstitial Hong Kong: Exploring the Miniature Open Spaces of High-Density Urbanism

Enmeshed in Hong Kong’s densely woven urban fabric, wedged between its towering mixed-use complexes and perched along its steep hillsides, sits a network of more than 500 miniature public parks comprising the smallest unit of the city’s public open space network. Though plentiful, these so-called Sitting-out Areas – referred to locally as ???? (literally: a “three-cornered shit pit”) – have never been considered in terms of the collective resource they have the potential to be.
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The Botanical City

Gandy, Matthew
This unique collection of essays explores the botanical dimensions of urban space, ranging from scientific efforts to understand the distinctive dynamics of urban flora to the way spontaneous vegetation has inspired artists and writers.
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Building for Dementia

Metzger C
Exploration of the aspects of design that need to be rethought in the light of the need for architecture for an ageing population including those with dementia.
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The Vienna Model 2: Housing for the City of the 21st Century

Forster, Wolfgang
Vienna is known throughout the world as the capital of social housing. The Vienna Model 2: Housing for the Twenty-First-Century City, which is the book accompanying the successful exhibition of the same name, analyses the latest developments in housing and documents 50 projects in Vienna from recent years.
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The Improvisation of Space

Dell, Christopher
The German theorist, composer, and musician Christopher Dell, widely known for his performances and teaching in urban design, explores the question of making in a constellation of matter, things, embodiment, active living, and discourse.
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