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The Party Wall Casebook

Chynoweth, Paul
The Party Wall Casebook, now available in paperback, is an essential reference tool for surveyors, architects, engineers and lawyers. It provides a comprehensive analysis of over 80 leading cases which define the courts approach to the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and the related common law rules.
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The JCT Minor Works Building Contracts 2016

Chappell D
The 2016 edition of the JCT Minor Works Building Contract contains a great many changes from the 2011 and 2005 editions, many of which are apparently minor but all are significant. This 5th edition has been comprehensively re-written to address these changes and to make them easier to understand.
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Introduction to Built Asset Management

Higham, Anthony
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Contractual Correspondence for Architects and Project Managers

Chappell, David
This book provides over 160 model letters, with commentary for use with all the main JCT 2005 building contracts. It concentrates on problems which can arise during a project, and draws on the author's extensive experience as a contracts consultant.
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Standard Letters for Building Contractors

Chappell, David
* Now over 300 letters (30 more than last edition) * Fully updated with 2005 JCT contracts * Includes 2007 revisions to CDM Regulations and case law since 2003 * Model letters save time and money, and avoid legal mistakes * Includes free CD for use with PC or Mac.
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Standard Letters in Architectural Practice

Chappell, David~
This book provides over 300 standard letters for architects and contract administrators to use at all stages of contract administration. The letters are grouped into sections which correspond with the RIBA Plan of Work: the aim is to cover all the common situations encountered in practice.
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Marketing and Selling Professional Services in Architecture and Construction

Sawczuk, Basil
Will help architects, engineers, project managers, facilities managers, surveyors, and contractors 'sell' themselves to prospective clients. Illustrated with plenty of diagrams and checklists. Sets out the seven key aspects of selling and marketing professional services.
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Arbitration Awards: A Practical Approach

Turner, Ray
`Drawing on his long and practical experience [the author gives] guidance which only the foolhardy would reject without good reason for doing so. With this manual beside him, many an arbitrator will, I feel sure, sleep the sounder. ' - The Rt Hon The Lord Bingham of Cornhill.
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Barry's Advanced Construction of Buildings

Emmitt, Stephen
Earlier edition: Barry's advanced construction of buildings / Stephen Emmitt and Christopher A. Gorse.
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