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Professional Practice for Architects and Project Managers

Chappell, David
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Contractual Correspondence for Architects and Project Managers

Chappell, David
This book provides over 160 model letters, with commentary for use with all the main JCT 2005 building contracts. It concentrates on problems which can arise during a project, and draws on the author's extensive experience as a contracts consultant.
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Painting and Decorating

Butterfield, D. & Fulcher, A.
This textbook presents a series of concise, simply written and well illustrated technical information sheets, providing essential job knowledge and understanding for the painter and decorator. It gives thorough coverage of materials and equipment ? both decorative and industrial ? currently in use, and gives useful guidance on specification.
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Post-Disaster Reconstruction of the Built Environment: Rebuilding for Resilience

Amaratunga, D. & Haigh, R.
After a disaster strikes, the construction industry is often engaged in a range of critical activities: providing temporary shelter after the disaster; restoration of permanent shelter and public services such as hospitals, schools, water supply, power, communications, and environmental infrastructure.
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Preparing Construction Claims

Hall, Stephen C.
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Using Commercial Contracts: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Project Managers

Wright, D
Using Commercial Contracts: a practical guide for engineers and project managers examines how the law of contract operates, and the way in which the legal system interprets what a contract actually means.
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Roof Construction and Loft Conversion

Mindham, C.N.
Full of detailed construction drawings, this book covers cut roofs, bolted truss roofs, trussed rafter roofs, trimmed openings and ventilation. A major section deals with loft to attic room conversions, giving guidance on planning procedures, as well as dealing with structural matters and specifying conversion work.
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The Party Wall Casebook

Chynoweth, Paul
The Party Wall Casebook, now available in paperback, is an essential reference tool for surveyors, architects, engineers and lawyers. It provides a comprehensive analysis of over 80 leading cases which define the courts approach to the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and the related common law rules.
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