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Parametric Design for Architecture

Jabi, Wassim
Architects use CAD to help them visualize their ideas. Through a detailed description of various parametric, generative and algorithmic techniques, this book provides a practical guide to generating geometric and topological solutions for various situations, including explicit step-by-step tutorials.
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Air Structures

McLean, Will; Silver, Pete
Air can be used in a variety of ways to make lightweight, flexible structures. It can be used to make inflatable structures, mobile structures and temporary buildings. This book looks at every facet of the subject, examining the different types of air structure, such as super pressure buildings, air beam structures, and buoyant structures.
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100 Years of Architecture

Powers, Alan
A visual history that documents in pictures the most exciting and dynamic period of architecture: from the early 20th century to the present day, covering all the key movements, styles and architects, together with many lesser known but important names and buildings.
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A New History of Modern Architecture

Davies, Colin
Combining a fascinating, thought-provoking and - above all - readable text with over 800 photographs, plans and sections, this exciting new reading of modern architecture is a must for students and architecture enthusiasts alike.
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Archidoodle: An Architect's Activity Book

Bowkett, Steve
Provides an interactive way to learn about architecture. Filled with an array of beautiful and elegant drawings, this title poses all manner of architectural challenges for the user: from designing your own skyscraper, to drawing an island house or creating a Constructivist monument, and more.
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Colour Third Edition: A workshop for artists and designers

Hornung, David
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Biomorphic Structures: Architecture Inspired by Nature

Agkathidis A
From leaves to liquids, caves to crystal formations, nature has always been a major source of inspiration for architects. This book examines how nature can act as a precedent for design solutions through twelve case studies. With computer drawings, sketches, models and photographs, it is a resource of ideas for students in their studio work.
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Research Methods for Architecture

Lucas R
While fundamentally a design discipline, architectural education requires an element of history and theory, grouped under the term 'research'. This book provides the necessary grounding in this subject, addressing essential questions about what research in architecture can be.
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Sketching for Architecture + Interior Design

Travis S
Having grown up with computers, todays interior design and architecture students are extremely adept at creating computer imagery, but often lack confidence in their freehand sketching skills, or do not know how to sketch at all. This book covers topics such asls, line weights, perspective, proportion, composition, shading, serial views and more.
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