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Studio Craft & Technique for Architects

Delaney, Miriam
Based on the belief that technology and craft are at the heart of design studies, this book encourages students to think of them as aspects of an integrated whole. It also explains the primary elements of construction and structure from first principles, using clear diagrams and drawings.
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Introduction to Architectural Technology Third Edition

McLean, William
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The Architecture of Yemen and Its Reconstruction

Damluji, Salma Samar
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Don't Get a Job...Make a Job: How to make it as a creative graduate

Barton, Gem
Too often a design or architecture degree is seen as a means to an end (a job in an established practice). But imagine for one moment that there are no employers, no firms to send your CV to, no interviews to be had - what would you do? This book celebrates the various strategies that students and graduates are taking to gain exposure, and more.
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Design Process in Architecture: From Concept to Completion

Makstutis, Geoffrey
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Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics

Nakamichi, Tomoko
Looks at working with stretch and jersey fabric. This book shows how to work with stretch fabrics and how to cut patterns that exploit their properties with truly original results.
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Luis Vidal + Architects 2nd Edition: From Process to Results

Vidal: Melhuish C
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