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Make Sense: Architecture by White

304,00 kr
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Now Try Something Weirder: How to keep having great ideas and survive in the creative business

Johnson, Michael
With 233 (to be exact) hints, tips and pieces of advice, Now Try Something Weirder shows those in the creative industry how to have great ideas (every day).
182,00 kr
excluding shipping

Detail in Contemporary Concrete Architecture

Phillips, David & Yamashita, Megumi
Featuring the work of renowned architects from around the world and providing analysis of both the technical and the aesthetic importance of details in modern concrete architecture, this book presents 49 of the most recently completed and influential concrete designs for both residential and commercial architecture.
487,00 kr
excluding shipping

A World History of Architecture, Third Edition

Fazio M; Moffett M & Wodehouse L
Updated with expanded coverage of twenty-first century architecture, this new edition uniquely comprises a detailed survey of Western architecture as well as architecture from the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, India, Russia, China and Japan.
487,00 kr
excluding shipping

Detail in Contemporary Hotel Design

Plunkett, Drew & Reid, Olga
Hotel interiors need to satisfy the imaginations of their customers and whet the appetite for a return visit or recommendation, and the design that gets the formula right will do as much to prolong the life of the business as the service delivered within the hotel. This book explores 48 hotel interior design schemes.
487,00 kr
excluding shipping

Cut and Fold Techniques for Pop-Up Designs

Jackson, Paul
Introducing techniques for making pop-ups from one sheet of card, this title focuses on paper engineering that takes folding techniques into the third dimension. It is suitable for marketing professionals and design students.
219,00 kr
excluding shipping

Sketching for Architecture + Interior Design

Travis S
Having grown up with computers, todays interior design and architecture students are extremely adept at creating computer imagery, but often lack confidence in their freehand sketching skills, or do not know how to sketch at all. This book covers topics such asls, line weights, perspective, proportion, composition, shading, serial views and more.
243,00 kr
excluding shipping

A History of Western Architecture, Sixth edition

Watkin D
Traces the history of western architecture from the earliest times in Mesopotamia and Egypt to the eclectic styles of the twenty-first century. This book emphasizes the ongoing vitality of the Classical language of architecture, underlining the continuity between the work of Ictinus in fifth-century BC Athens and that of McKim, Mead and more.
426,00 kr
excluding shipping

Exhibition Design Second Edition: An Introduction

Hughes P
Describes the skills needed to become an exhibition designer, including: developing a brief and working with clients; design principles for graphics, circulation, lighting and accessibility; presenting ideas to clients; and the practicalities of production.
365,00 kr
excluding shipping