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Living the Boundary: Twelve Houses by Aires Mateus

Mateus A
Twelve houses by Aires Mateus & Associados
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A4A : Architecture for Animals

Ghisoni, Andrea (ed)
This book is a concise selection of twenty buildings designed to shelter animals. While being examples of contemporary architecture they also clearly illustrate the evolution of our relationship with animals.
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Imre Makovecz and the Hungarian Organic Architecture

Makovecz: Giustra, Martina
The first time I met Makovecz, he drew me a map of Hungary, marking the most significant places through which I could get closer to his work. With the promise that I would return, we said goodbye. From this map, my research began.
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Cavity and Limit

Iodice F
Cavity and Limit investigates architecture through the specific research area of the limit, its corrosion and of cavity.
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Japanese Contemporary House: Small Anthology of Floating Spaces

Sordelli A & Zanoni E
This book contains five essays about the contemporary Japanese house illustrated with a selection of designs by young architects. The domestic space becomes a symbol of the ability to adapt to new cultural and technological patterns.
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Wall as Living Place: Hollow Structural Forms in Louis Kahn's Work

Kahn: Cacciatore, Francesco
Hollow structural forms in Louis Kahn's work
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Dr Corbellini's Pills: Tips for Architecture Beginners

Corbellini, Giovanni
Tips for architecture beginners
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