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Time and Architecture: Casa Galina by Giovanni Leo Salvotti

Salvotti: Franceschini, Alessandro
Designed and built by Leo Salvotti, this small holiday building by the lake - renamed 'Casa Galina' by the local inhabitants for its zoomorphic shape - is the best-known building in Calceranica al Lago and represents a unique architectural experiment in Italy.
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Climatica: The Sustainability of Urban Form

Chiri, Gianmarco
Contemporary debate on sustainability issues is recently drawing its attention towards the analysis of models of urbanisation and the relation between urban form, its orientation and the city's energy performance and livability.
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The City Beyond Architecture: Sheng-Yuan Huang and the work of FieldOffice

Martinelli, Alessandro
The world of today is changing: the center of development has moved to Asia. In the future, Asian settlements will simply outnumber the ones of the other continents.
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Kuma Kengo Kuma:: Architecture as Spirit of Nature

Kuma: Scaglione, P
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Monografia A.Cecchetto

Cecchetto, A
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Monograph Chilo: C+Partners

An intriguing monograph on an experienced designer who has collaborated with some of the greatest architects of our time.
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The City at the End of the Underground

Maccone, Adriano
This book by Adriano Maccone and Alessandro Martinelli concerns the image of the city at the terminal stations of various underground mass-transit systems in Europe and the Far East.
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Smart Landscape: Architecture of the 'Micro Smart Grid' as a Resilience Strategy for Landscape

Garbarini, Giulia
Renewable energies have an important role in today's changing landscapes. This research analyses the current transition to sustainable energy from the architectural landscape point of view.
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