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Guarded by Dragons: Encounters with Rare Books and Rare People

Gekoski, Rick
Guarded by Dragons follows rare book dealer Rick Gekoski as he uncovers the mysteries behind the most unusual manuscripts and archives, where stories are weaved within stories.
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Cancel The Apocalypse: The New Path To Prosperity

Simms, Andrew
A fascinating look at a world in which we have become obsessed with economic growth at the expense of quality of life - and what we can do to change
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London: Immigrant City

Khan-Ostrem, Nazneen
Is there a street in London which does not contain a story from the Empire? Immigrants made London; and they keep remaking it in a thousand different ways. This is an entirely new map of a city everybody thinks they already know.
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Wish We Knew What to Say: Talking with Children About Race

Agarwal, Dr Pragya
Wish We Knew What to Say is a vital toolkit for parents from all backgrounds to talk openly and honestly about race to their children between the ages of 2-12 about race.
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Anatomy of a Building

Moore, Rowan
The first book in the 500 Reflections on the RCP series, beginning with architecture of the Royal College
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The Glass Room: Shortlisted for the Booker Prize

Mawer, Simon
* Inspired by a real house, an amazing modernist symbol, Simon Mawer has written his best novel yet, a story guaranteed to dazzle and intrigue the reader
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Black, Listed: Black British Culture Explored

Boakye, Jeffrey
A groundbreaking book celebrating the words and phrases that by choice or by circumstance define the Black British experience.
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The Louder I Will Sing: A story of racism, riots and redemption: Winner of the 2020 Costa Biography Award

Lawrence, Lee
A snapshot of Britain's relationship with race and racism in recent history, THE LOUDER I WILL SING is the story of Lee Lawrence's fight for justice for his mother Cherry Groce, who was paralysed as a result of police shooting her in her home in front of her children - the catalyst to the 1985 Brixton riots.
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The Age Of Extremes: 1914-1991

A reassessment of the 20th century exploring topics such as the breakdown of the Old World, the lack of international accord, the failure of the Arts in recent years and the influence of the Third World.
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