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The New Heart of Hong Kong: International Commerce Centre

Lo, Rebecca
Chronicles the development of the International Commerce Centre (ICC) and how what was originally just another office building is changing the way Hong Kong residents live, work, play and perceive West Kowloon as the new central business district.
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Modern in Context: The Architecture of Suman Sorg, FAIA

Sorg, Suman
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Supernature: How Wilkinson Eyre Made a Hothouse Cool

Wilkinson Eyre:
Describes the six-year journey behind the Wilkinson Eyre Architects as they attempted to transform Singapore into a 'City in the Garden', covering the concepts and creative processes that were fundamental in delivering the critically-acclaimed project.
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China Dialogues

Belogolovsky, Vladimir
China Dialogues is a rigorously selected collection of insightful interviews that the book's author Vladimir Belogolovsky has conducted with 21 leading Chinese architects during his extensive travels in China.
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The Aesthetics of Contemporary Planting Design

Treib, Marc
A select international group of landscape architects and historians discuss the subject of planting design through the lens of their own work, contemporary and historical.
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The Evolving Project: The Journal of Architectural Education and the Expansion of Scholarship

Marjanovic, Igor
This book celebrates the rich history of the JAE which is the longest continually running peer-reviewed journal in the discipline of architecture, as a major platform for the dissemination of new pedagogical and scholarly ideas.
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Almost, Not: The Architecture of Atelier Nishikata

Atelier Nichikata
Almost, Not: The Architecture of Atelier Nishikata is the story of a remarkable architecture practice in Tokyo.
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12 Projects in 120 Constraints: Plan:b Architects

Mesa, Felipe
In this book, we review a set of Plan:b projects in Colombia through the environmental, social, and voluntary constraints we faced, and the interim agreements we built around them.
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