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The Cannibal's Cookbook: Mining Myths of Cyclopean Constructions

Clifford, Brandon
Brandon Clifford goes back in time to capture the mindset of our original architects and how they influence today's architects.
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Internal: Developing Informed Architectural Languages

Diehl, Tom
Provides a description of clear and useful strategies for creating enriched architectural languages through interviews with nine noteworthy North American architects.
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Frank L. Wright and the Architects of Steinway Hall: A Study of Collaboration

Wright: Cohen, S
While Frank Lloyd Wright's life and work have been extensively chronicled, this book reexamines the period between Wright's arrival in Chicago in 1887 and his move into the loft office in Steinway Hall in 1897.
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HOK Design Annual 2020

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Land, Sea, Shelter, & Culture: A Story of Modern Architecture in Hawaii: The Architecture of AHL

Architects of Hawaii Ltd.
The scope of the book covers the period from 1946, when founder, Cy Lemmon, opened the first office in the garage of his Waikiki Home through present day operations housing a staff of over one hundred working in downtown Honolulu.
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Shaping Place: Duda|Paine Architects

Duda, Turan
In Shaping Place, founding principals Turan Duda, FAIA and Jeffrey Paine, FAIA, are joined by the firm's four studio leaders to discuss the evolution of their work and thematic underpinnings since publication of their previous volume, Individual to Collective, in 2013.
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Werewolf: The Architecture of Lunacy, Shapeshifting, and Material Metamorphosis

O'Donnell, Caroline
Werewolf explores an emerging but under-investigated branch of architecture that embraces the transformation of form, performance, and the responsiveness to environments and context.
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What Kind of Architect Are You?

Greinacher, Udo
What Kind of Architect Are You? offers a glimpse into a vast array of professional possibilities and points out meaningful alternatives to the prevailing myth of the 'starchitect'. It provides those in search of an architect with insights into how we work and helps them to formulate expectations.
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