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Reed, Chris
Mise-en-Scene is an immersive exploration of the social lives of urban landscapes.
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Matter Aggregation: A Design Studio at UVA

Yuan, Philip F.
The book explores the computational mechanisms and diagrammatic grammar within these craft-based aggregation systems, paying close attention to geometrical configurations, material effects and fabrication details and take advantage of these qualities to produce a unique spatiality.
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Sculpting Spaces in the Tropics: Aamer Architects

Aamer Architects ; Aamer Taher
Aamer Taher combines his artistic soul and architectural abilities to design ideal tropical spaces where the world of the outdoors coexists with the indoor living experience.
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Architecture as Material Culture: The Work of Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp with Kenneth Frampton

Jones:Thorp, F.J. Morehen & Frampton, K.
Documents the work of one of Australia's leading architects, Richard Francis-Jones.
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Cities Without Ground: A Hong Kong Guidebook

Frampton, Kenneth et.al.
An investigation of the public-private spatial relationships that embody the urban landscape seen in Hong Kong today.
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Hour 25: HKU Architecture Papers

Fung, Tony
Hour 25 is the first volume of the HKU Architecture Papers, a student-edited series of annual publications chronicling the design work of the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. With an emphasis on process and critical reflection, the series provides a window into contemporary design education in Hong Kong.
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Austere Gardens: Thoughts on Landscape, Restraint, & Attending

Treib M
Including previously unseen photographs, Austere Gardens suggests another way to look at the landscape, the garden, and perhaps the entire world around us.
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9 Ways to Make Housing for People

David,Baker Architects
Combining how-to with why-to, 9 Ways to Make Housing for People lays out the core principles that David Baker Architects uses to help communities develop great urban housing.
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