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Johnsen Schmaling: On Rigor

Schmaling, Johnsen
On Rigor provides an engaging, in-depth look at 13 seminal residential and commercial projects by critically acclaimed Johnsen Schmaling Architects, whose award-winning work is widely known for its conceptual rigor, serene simplicity, and an unequivocal commitment to architectural innovation and environmental sustainability.
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How Architecture Tells: 9 Realities that will Change the Way You See

Steinberg, Robert
The general reading public is likely to think of architecture as buildings. But, with this book, Robert Steinberg would like to help readers understand that architecture shapes lives. Architecture can help communities integrate and thrive.
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LA+ Community

Hands, Tatum
LA+ COMMUNITY aims to explore how, over time, each of us moves in and out of multiple communities, shaping them as they shape us, and in turn shaping our landscapes and cities.
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Landscape Architecture Frontiers 047: Urban Governance and Spatial Quality Improvement

Yu, Kongjian
In this issue, LA Frontiers focuses on the topics about urban governance and spatial quality improvement under the promotion of inventory planning and governance refinement.
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LA+ Creature

Hands, Tatum
Issue 14 of LA+ Journal brings you the results of the LA+ CREATURE international design ideas competition, which explored how we can use design to achieve a more symbiotic existence with other creatures.
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Performance + Assembly: The Experience of Space

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture's Performance + Assembly: The Experience of Space covers a range of performance and assembly spaces designed by AS+GG from central spaces in the world's largest expositions to small, flexible high-technology theatres to expressive and functional auditoriums.
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Residensity: A Carbon Analysis of Residential Typologies

Gordon Gill Architecture, Adrian Smith
RESIDENSITY: A Carbon Analysis of Residential Typologies is the culmination of a seven-year study analysing nine building typologies to understand the relationships between building densities and the amount of land and infrastructure required to support them.
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Creatures Are Stirring: A Guide to Architectural Companionship

Altshuler, Joseph
This book prompts readers to develop more intimate friendships with architectural companions through a collection of stories, essays, and case studies that illustrate solidarity among humans, non-humans, buildings, interiors, and the broader environment.
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