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American Residential Architecture: Photographs of the Evolution of Indiana Houses

Kuhner C & Ward, Alan
In the early nineteenth century, Indiana was at the intersection of ideas from the East and the frontier - resulting in a unique opportunity to express creative adaptions of residential architectural styles in America.
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Architecture with and without le Corbusier: Jose Oubrerie Architecte

Corbusier: Oubrerie, Jose
Architecture with and without Le Corbusier documents two architectural masterpieces: the Church at Firminy and The Miller House. The church is a late work by Le Corbusier that was left unfinished for 40 years.
646,00 kr
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Bamboo Architecture: The work of Vo Trong Nghia | VTN Architects

Riera Ojeda, Oscar
"I think bamboo is the right material for creating a new architectural language unique to Vietnam." Vo Trong Nghia. With the climate crisis raging and awareness of humanity's detrimental impact on the environment now patently apparent, the need for architects to come up with sustainable new solutions has never been more pressing.
470,00 kr
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BEDMaR & Shi (Slipcase ): In the Tropics

Riera Ojeda, Oscar
This two volume slipcased monograph presents a comprehensive portrait of the works of Singaporean firm Bedmar & Shi. Established in 1986, Bedmar & Shi is known today as one of the most successful high end residential architecture firms in the South East Asia / Pacific region.
1 408,00 kr
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Built Idea: Alberto Campo Baeza

Baeza: Riera Ojeda, Oscar
"Architects reveal the keys to Architecture in their drawings, their floor plans, sections and also in their writings. It is important to appreciate the concise texts of Mies Van der Rohe or the more passionate expressions of Le Corbusier
176,00 kr
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Burning Bush Synagogue: Armon Architects (Masterpiece Series)

Ojeda, Oscar Riera
The concept in the back of the monumental structure located at the IDF officers school is based on receipt of the Torah by Moses on Mount Sinai.
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Call to Order: Sustaining Simplicity in Architecture

Riera Ojeda, Oscar
CALL TO ORDER, the first in a series of books to be produced by the University of Miami School of Architecture, is inspired by rappel l'ordre, the post WWI, European, art movement that rejected the extreme tenants of the avant garde and its praise of machinery, violence and war, in favor of a renewed interest in tradition.
446,00 kr
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Chancery Lane: BEDMaR & Shi

Riera Ojeda, Oscar
Set around an open courtyard space, with a series of demarcated private abodes, Chancery Lane perfectly embodies the tenets of personal privacy heightened and brought together through shared experience
470,00 kr
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