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London Bridge and its Houses, c. 1209-1761

Gerhold, Dorian
This book on London Bridge introduces new information and reconstruction drawings which allow for a deeper understanding of the history of the bridge from the 13th century to the 18th century.
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British Historic Towns Atlas Volume VII: Oxford

Crossley, Alan
This atlas, produced in the Historic Towns Trust's large portfolio format, traces the origins and growth of Oxford from prehistory to a city dominated by churches and university buildings
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The Lantern Tower of Westminster Abbey 1060-2010: Reconstructing its History and Architecture

Rodwell, Warwick
Westminster Abbey is one of the most important and well-known medieval buildings in Europe but, despite being studied by generations of scholars, there is still much to learn about its history and architecture. The lantern over the centre of the church is a case in point.
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St Paul's Cathedral: Archaeology and History

Schofield, John
First comprehensive account of the building history of st Paul's Cathedral as revealed by archaeological excavation and recording, documentary research and engineering works.
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The Megalithic Architectures of Europe

Laporte, Luc
First major synthesis by leading regional specialists in English of recent excavation results and new approaches to the study of megalithic monuments and their individual histories across Europe.
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Medieval Bridges of Southern England: 100 Bridges, 1000 Years

Hall, Marshall G.
Organised into a series of short tours, this book describes and discusses the history of a selection of the best surviving medieval river bridges in southern England, complete with superb colour photographs.
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Architectures of the Roman World: Models, Agency, Reception

Mugnai, Niccolo
Brings together a team of experts in archaeology, ancient history, and architectural and art history re-evaluate the influences and impact of Roman-period architecture outside the centre of the Roman Empire.
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The Medieval Peasant House in Midland England

Alcock, Nat
The aim of this lavishly illustrated book is to provide an in-depth study of the many medieval peasant houses still standing in Midland villages, and of their historical context. In particular, the combination of tree-ring and radiocarbon dating, detailed architectural study and documentary research illuminates both their nature and their status.
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Roman Military Architecture on the Frontiers: Armies and Their Architecture in Late Antiquity

Collins, Robert (Ed.)
Presents new research into the army of the late roman period and the archaeology of late Roman military defences on the frontier of Empire
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