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Oxford University Press

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Sound: A Very Short Introduction

Goldsmith M
This Very Short Introduction explores the science of sound and its nature, hearing and harmony. Considering sound we can't hear, the author also covers different sound worlds, as well as noise and its reduction.
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The Making of Our Urban Landscape

Tyack, Geoffrey (Emeritus Fellow, Univer
The Making of the English Urban Landscape tells the story of our towns and cities and how they came into being over the last two millennia.
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Boom Cities: Architect Planners and the Politics of Radical Urban Renewal in 1960s Britain

Saumarez Smith, Otto (Assistant Professo
In this volume, Otto Saumarez Smith recounts the fraught history of the urban development of British city centres in the 1960s, uncovering the planning philosophy, and the political, cultural, and legislative background that created the conditions for these transformations to occur across the country.
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Modern Playhouses: An Architectural History of Britain's New Theatres, 1945-1985

Fair, Alistair (Reader in Architectural
The first detailed study of the major programme of theatre-building in Britain between the 1950s and the 1980s, Modern Playhouses draws on a vast range of archival material to present the history of post-war theatre buildings as a history of ideas relating not only to performance but also to culture, citizenship, and the modern city.
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Arbitration: A Very Short Introduction

Schultz, Thomas (Professor of Law, Profe
Arbitration is a legal dispute resolution mechanism, alternative to courts. This book explains what arbitration is, how it works, what parties who have agreed to go to arbitration should expect, the relationship between arbitration and the law, and the politics of arbitration. It also considers where the global system of arbitration is headed.
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The Life and Death of Ancient Cities: A Natural History

Woolf, Greg (Director, Institute of Clas
The story of ancient cities from the end of the Bronze Age to the beginning of the Middle Ages: a tale of war and politics, pestilence and famine, triumph and tragedy, by turns both fabulous and squalid.
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Roman Architecture

DeLaine, Janet (Emeritus Fellow, Wolfson
The story of Roman architecture, from early Rome to the late empire. A book that casts new light not only on many familiar monuments of the city of Rome, but also on less well-known examples from across the Roman empire.
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Wilmot-Smith on Construction Contracts

Wilmot-Smith, QC, Richard (Barrister, Ba
The new edition of this definitive work is an essential source of reference on construction contracts in the UK, dealing with all of the substantive law and dispute resolution procedures in one user-friendly volume. It combines scholarship, clarity, and practicality.
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Blackstone's Guide to Contaminated Land

Hellawell, Trevor
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