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Oxford University Press

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Renaissance Architecture

Anderson C
A completely new approach to the history of Renaissance architecture, encompassing the entire continent and dealing with the work of well-known architects such as Michelangelo and Andrea Palladio alongside lesser known though no less innovative designers such as Juan Guas in Portugal and Benedikt Ried in Prague and Eastern Europe.
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Medieval Architecture

Coldstream, Nicola
A unique study of medieval architecture, which treats the subject thematically. It looks at construction methods, patronage, and function, as well as the symbolic meanings represented in the architecture. It also offers completely new information on architecture in Spain and central Europe.
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Modern Playhouses: An Architectural History of Britain's New Theatres, 1945 -- 1985

Fair, Alistair
The first detailed study of the major programme of theatre-building in Britain between the 1950s and the 1980s, Modern Playhouses draws on a vast range of archival material to present the history of post-war theatre buildings as a history of ideas relating not only to performance but also to culture, citizenship, and the modern city.
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A Short History of Gardens

Campbell G
A Short History of Gardens embraces the beauty and practicality of gardens, in history and culture across the world. Gordon Campbell also look at variations on the modern garden, including the suburban garden, the city garden, the guerrilla garden, and the vegetable garden, and considers the future of gardens.
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Knowledge, Policy, and Expertise: The UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution 1970-2011

Owens S
This book provides a fascinating analysis and in-depth study of the UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution.
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Shakespeare and London

Salkeld, Duncan (Professor of Shakespear
This book presents new research about Shakespeare's connections with London. Stratford made the man, but London made the phenomenon that is Shakespeare. This book explores Stratford's established links with the capital and seeks to acknowledge those who inhabited Shakespeare's milieu, or played some part in shaping his writing and acting career.
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Religious Architecture in Latium and Etruria, c. 900-500 BC

Potts C
Religious Architecture in Latium and Etruria, c. 900-500 BC presents the first comprehensive treatment of cult buildings in western central Italy from the Iron Age to the Archaic Period.
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Towards Non-Being

Priest, Graham
Graham Priest presents an account of the semantics of intentional language, which proceeds in terms of objects that may be either existent or non-existent, at worlds that may be either possible or impossible. This updated second edition includes ten new chapters which develop the ideas of the first edition, explore new areas, and reply to critics.
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Redbrick: A Social and Architectural History of Britain's Civic Universities

Whyte W
The first full-scale study of Britain's civic universities for 50 years, arguing that the education model created by Redbrick institutions has become the normal university experience throughout the country, shaping the lives and careers of millions.
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