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Oxford University Press

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Baroque between the Wars: Alternative Style in the Arts, 1918-1939

Stevenson, Jane (Senior Research Fellow
Covering literature, film, interior design, architecture, photography, fashion, ballet, and flower arranging, Baroque between the Wars offers a new take on modernism that explores how baroque offered a whole new way of being modern.
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Anglo-Saxon Towers of Lordship

Shapland, Michael G. (Senior Archaeologi
A detailed study of the towers constructed by lords at their residences across England during the late tenth and eleventh centuries. Although these towers contained chapels, their role in the exercise of secular power mean that that they provide a unique opportunity to study standing aristocratic architecture from before the Norman Conquest.
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Common Writing: Essays on Literary Culture and Public Debate

Collini S
In a series of penetrating and attractively readable essays, Stefan Collini, one of the most brilliant essayists of our time, explores aspects of the literary and intellectual culture of Britain in the twentieth century.
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Reconstructing Modernism: British Literature, Modern Architecture, and the State

Maher, Ashley (Assistant Professor, Univ
Drawing upon a wealth of previously unexplored architectural criticism by British authors, this book reveals how arguments about architecture led to innovations in literature, as well as to redesigns in the concept of modernism itself.
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Garden History: A Very Short Introduction

Campbell, Gordon (Fellow in Renaissance
Gordon Campbell embraces the beauty and practicality of gardens in their many forms, in history and culture across the world. He also look at variations on the modern garden, including the suburban garden, the city garden, the guerrilla garden, and the vegetable garden, and considers the future of gardens.
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Infinity: A Very Short Introduction

Stewart , I
Ian Stewart considers the concept of infinity and the profound role it plays in mathematics, logic, physics, cosmology, and philosophy. He shows that working with infinity is not just an abstract, intellectual exercise, and analyses its important practical everyday applications.
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