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Oxford University Press

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Projects: A Very Short Introduction

Davies A
A project is a temporary organization of people and resources brought together to achieve a one-off objective. Andrew Davies explains how and why the project approach is central to success in creating products and services, constructing major infrastructure, launching entrepreneurial ventures, implementing strategies, even landing a man on the moon.
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Landscape and Western Art

Andrews, Malcolm
What is landscape? How does it differ from "land"? This book explores issues raised by the great range of ideas and images of the natural world in Western art since the Renaissance. Topics include landscape as cultural construct and landscape art as picturesque. Context is considered throughout.
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Medieval Architecture

Coldstream, Nicola
A unique study of medieval architecture, which treats the subject thematically. It looks at construction methods, patronage, and function, as well as the symbolic meanings represented in the architecture. It also offers completely new information on architecture in Spain and central Europe.
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Oxford: An Architectural Guide

Tyack, Geoffrey
Chronicles the architectural development of Oxford - both University and City - from its origins to the late twentieth century, explaining the idiosyncracies of Oxford's architectural history, and placing the buildings within their historical context.
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Knowledge, Policy, and Expertise: The UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution 1970-2011

Owens S
This book provides a fascinating analysis and in-depth study of the UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution.
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Coulson on Construction Adjudication

Coulson (Justice of A
The fourth edition of Coulson on Construction Adjudication continues to provide the most authoritative and in-depth analysis of the law and practice of adjudication in construction and engineering disputes available.
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Landscape Architecture: A Very Short Introduction

Thompson I
Landscape architecture, which includes the planning of parks and gardens and the design and siting of buildings and roads, plays an important role in shaping the world around us. In this Very Short Introduction, Ian Thompson uses real-life examples from around the world to examine its impact throughout history and in contemporary society.
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Blackstone's Guide to Contaminated Land

Hellawell, Trevor
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Towards Non-Being

Priest, Graham
Graham Priest presents an account of the semantics of intentional language, which proceeds in terms of objects that may be either existent or non-existent, at worlds that may be either possible or impossible. This updated second edition includes ten new chapters which develop the ideas of the first edition, explore new areas, and reply to critics.
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