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A New Naturalism

Heatherington C & Sargeant J
Aimed at professional and novice garden and landscape designers; covers the background history and design consideration of naturalistic planting. Architecture (Landscape) & Town Planning; gardening
293,00 kr
excluding shipping

Conceptualist Landscapes: An Alternative Way to Design Gardens

Cooper P
Explains the difference between the conceptualist and the usual approaches to designing gardens and landscapes.
352,00 kr
excluding shipping

Designing Gardens on Slopes

Davies E & Chivers R
317,00 kr
excluding shipping

Planting and Design for Seaside and Shelter

Jolley D
Explains the design elements needed for coastal gardens and the necessary shelter to protect the plants.
317,00 kr
excluding shipping

The Basics of Planting Design

Huntingdon Lucy
317,00 kr
excluding shipping

Water Garden Construction: A Technical Guide for Designers: 2015

Kelley C
Water garden construction for garden designers and landscape contractors.
293,00 kr
excluding shipping