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21BB - Model Region Berlin-Brandenburg

Hoidn, Barbara
The first survey entirely devoted to the metropolitan region of Berlin-Brandenburg and its urban design potentials in the 21st century, featuring prospects and projects through texts, illustrations, and lavish informative maps and graphics
757,00 kr
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4a Architekten - Setting Locations, Forming Spaces, Giving Light, Showing True Colors

FourA 4a
The first monograph on 4a Architekten, illustrated with images and plans and offering insights into the architects' vision, range of building tasks and working methods.
582,00 kr
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A Flower for the Dead - The Memorials of Bogdan Bogdanovic

Bogdanovic: Achleitner, Friedrich
A documentation of Bogdan Bogdanovic's memorials and monuments in former Yugoslavia.
349,00 kr
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A Typical Plan - Projects and Essays on Identity, Flexibility and Atmosphere in the Office Building

Kuo, Jeannette
A concise overview on the architecture and typology of office buildings.
454,00 kr
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Access for All: Sao Paulo's Architectural Infrastructures

Lepik, Andres
Presents Sao Paulo's prudent and inclusive policy in urban development and infrastructure planning as a prime example among mega-cities in emerging countries for how to tackle many of the major social challenges they face
408,00 kr
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Aire: The River and its Double

Descombes, Georges
A documentation of a seminal and internationally recognised re-naturalisation project for a river in Switzerland.
524,00 kr
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Almost Nothing: 100 Artists Comment on the Work of Mies Van Der Rohe

Rohe: Bjone C
An unusual, surprising 100-fold encounter with Mies van der Rohe and his work.
524,00 kr
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American Framing - The Same Something for Everyone

Andersen, Paul
A visual and textual exploration of softwood timber-framed construction in the United States since 1832, highlighting also how this quintessentially American type of construction has come to dominate the USA's built landscape and erased typological and social distinctions in a socially and economically deeply divided country.
373,00 kr
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