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Water and Asphalt - The Project of Isotrophy in the Metropolitan Area of Venice

Vigano, P
With contributions by international experts, this latest volume in the UFO: Explorations of Urbanism series focuses on Venice as an exemplary metropolitan area.
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House of Switzerland - A Dictionary of Elements

Spillman Echsle Architects: Wieser, Cris
Documents an unusual building task, and the innovative solutions found by the architects to enable the House of Switzerland to move to many venues around the world.
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Fawad Kazi - ETH Zurich Building LEE

Kazi: Wieser, Christoph
A full documentary of ETH Zurich's new LEE building, which breaks new ground in the architect's constructive approach, and including much technical detail.
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Superblock Winterthur - A Project with Architect Krischanitz

Krischanitz: Bartschi, Hans-Peter
Documents an exemplary conversion project carried out by Architect Krischanitz in a Swiss central urban location.
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Neri and Hu Design and Research Office - Works and Projects 2004 - 2014

Neri: Chipperfield, David & Polo, Alejan
The first monograph of the work of neri & hu design and research office, featuring previously unpublished material.
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4a Architekten - Setting Locations, Forming Spaces, Giving Light, Showing True Colors

FourA 4a
The first monograph on 4a Architekten, illustrated with images and plans and offering insights into the architects' vision, range of building tasks and working methods.
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STATISTA - Towards a Statecraft of the Future

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
A documentation of STATISTA, an outstanding example of collective urban development based at Berlin's Haus der Statistik (HdS), offering unique insights into the undertaking and events in and around HdS. Text in English and German.
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Steel Cities - The Architecture of Logistics in Central and Eastern Europe

Riha, Tadeas
A study on the fast development of the logistics industry in Central and Eastern Europe and the transformation of farmland into vast 'Steel Cities' caused by it, highlighting its hugely problematic effects on the built environment, landscapes, societies and individuals. Text in English and Czech.
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