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American Framing - The Same Something for Everyone

Andersen, Paul
A visual and textual exploration of softwood timber-framed construction in the United States since 1832, highlighting also how this quintessentially American type of construction has come to dominate the USA's built landscape and erased typological and social distinctions in a socially and economically deeply divided country.
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Manor Lessons: Commons Revisited. Teaching and Research in Architecture

Gugger, Harry
An urbanistic investigation of the English manor house and how the Manorial System can serve as testing ground for a modern understanding of landownership in the capitalist age.
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21BB - Model Region Berlin-Brandenburg

Hoidn, Barbara
The first survey entirely devoted to the metropolitan region of Berlin-Brandenburg and its urban design potentials in the 21st century, featuring prospects and projects through texts, illustrations, and lavish informative maps and graphics
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Europan 15 Austria - Productive Cities 2: Resources, Mobility, Equity

Documents the winning submissions to the 2019 EUROPAN Competition on the topic Productive City for the Austrian cities Graz, Innsbruck, Villach, Weiz, and Vienna.
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Faces and Spaces: 40 Years Aedes Architecture Forum

Feireiss, Kristin
The lavishly illustrated, amusing "family scrapbook" of Berlin's Aedes Architecture Forum, one of the world's most important exhibition spaces for architecture. Text in English and German.
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Regarding Space and Spaces: The Chambered Floor Plans and Luca Selva Architects

Richter, Tilo
This first-ever comprehensive book on cellular compartment floor plans discusses this versatile design principle based on designs by renowned Basel-based firm Luca Selva Architects, one of the internationally most highly recognised Swiss firms. Text in English and German.
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Footprints: Writings 2005-2020

Mateo, Josep Lluis
A collection of essays by Josep Lluis Mateo, one of Europe's most influential architectural intellectuals, most of which published here in English for the first time.
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Archetypes: David K. Ross

Geiser, Reto
The first-ever serious compilation of architectural mock-ups that sheds light at an important yet ephemeral aspect of contemporary construction, illustrated with a previously unpublished series by Canadian photographic artist David K. Ross.
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