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On and Around Architecture: Ten Conversations. Sergison Bates architects

Sergison Bates: Kunz, Gerold
Ten conversations on current and timeless questions and aspects of architecture and construction form an inspirational reader for professionals and anyone with a deeper interest in architecture.
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Verify in Field: Projects and Coversations Hoeweler + Yoon Architecture

Hoeweler, Eric
New monograph on Boston-based firm Hoeweler + Yoon Architecture, one of America's most exciting design studios, featuring nineteen recent projects of a range of types, completed and ongoing, through images, plans and concise texts.
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Josef Frank: Villa Carlsten

Frank: Bergquist, Mikael
A documentation of Villa Carlsten on the Falsterbo peninsula in southern Sweden, designed by Austrian-born architect Josef Frank in 1926-27. Lavishly illustrated in colour throughout, highlights the building's outstanding qualities and puts it in context with Frank's other work in architecture.
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Wells, Matthew
This book explores the history of the architectural survey drawing its multiple forms in order to understand how the methods of recording what already exists can also be used to imagine what might be.
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STATISTA - Towards a Statecraft of the Future

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
A documentation of STATISTA, an outstanding example of collective urban development based at Berlin's Haus der Statistik (HdS), offering unique insights into the undertaking and events in and around HdS. Text in English and German.
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Steel Cities - The Architecture of Logistics in Central and Eastern Europe

Riha, Tadeas
A study on the fast development of the logistics industry in Central and Eastern Europe and the transformation of farmland into vast 'Steel Cities' caused by it, highlighting its hugely problematic effects on the built environment, landscapes, societies and individuals. Text in English and Czech.
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Perpetuating Architecture - Martino Pedrozzi's Interventions on the Rural Heritage in Valle di Blenio and in Val Malvaglia 1994-2017

Pedrozzi, Martino
Documents a scheme for the preservation of cultivated Alpine landscape and the recconstruction of public space in the Swiss canton of Ticino, highlighting the impact on landscapes of rural exodus in search for better opportunities and more comfortable ways of life. Text in English and Italian.
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Immediate Spaces 16-19 - 16-19

Banchini, Leopold
An insight into the research and production at Amsterdam-based Sandberg Instituut's Studio for Immediate Spaces in 2016-19 under the directtion of Swiss architect Leopold Banchini.
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